Hello, Goodbye

Lisa Brady (l) and Lynn Prendergast (r) at our May 8th end-of-year celebration.

Lisa Brady (l) and Lynn Prendergast (r) at our May 8th end-of-year celebration.


Guilford ABC is thrilled to welcome Lynn Prendergast as our new Resident Director. Beginning this July, Lynn will replace our long term and wonderful RD, Lisa Brady. We are so fortunate that Lynn brings attributes and skills that fit in perfectly with our organization.

An experienced teacher and mentor-teacher, Lynn has worked in the Madison middle and elementary schools since 1992. For many years she served as a team leader and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about child and teen development, problem solving, language arts and computer science. Lynn is also the mother of a daughter beginning college in September.

Lynn was first introduced to ABC when she taught two of our scholars how to drive and they brought her to the Board’s attention. As everyone knows, teaching a teenager how to drive requires a firm, consistent and unflappable demeanor. Combined with her other qualifications, these traits will stand her in excellent stead.


ABC has been truly blessed to have Lisa Brady as our resident director for the past six years. Her gifts to our students have been many and invaluable. She has brought to this critical job a combination of compassion, common sense, humor, consistency and love for the six scholars who come together to live as a family while attending Guilford High School. Lisa has maintained an open door policy which encourages each scholar to develop an individual relationship with her, sharing good times and bad with a true mother figure.

For 12 years, Lisa has been a teacher at the ACES Village School in North Haven, itself a full-time and difficult job. Yet, she returns to the ABC house each day, eager to share in the lives of the scholars, to offer encouragement, solace, and, when necessary, a firm hand and serious goal setting. She, more than anyone on the board, knows many details of each of the scholar’s lives.

Lisa feels grateful for the hard-working ABC board on whom she relies for counsel and individual expertise. She sees the board as an extension of the ABC family – and the board sees her as the key link in our ability to provide a warm yet academically rigorous environment for the scholars. We have been lucky to have such a fine role model in this critical position.

In June Lisa will start a new chapter in her life with her fiancé, Bob Swift. They both acknowledge that Guilford ABC and its scholars will remain an important part of their life together. We wish them much happiness, and look forward to their visits ‘back home’ to see the girls, share a meal, and catch up on all the latest news.