ABC’s Annual Celebration

It’s an ABC tradition to end the school year with a celebratory gathering which always includes a few returning alumnae, a summary of the school year, a few words from graduating seniors and from juniors about to set off for summer enrichment study and travel; and, of course, lots of wonderful food, much of it provided by the ABC board.

Highlights from this year’s celebration include hearing from three ABC alums—Lori Pleasure, Karitza Melendez and Jada Allison—who talked about their four years at Guilford ABC; a summary of our scholars’ many school activities and academic achievements; and several special awards: a cash award in memory of Barbara Pine to our two juniors to help with their summer enrichment activities; and two separate awards to our graduating senior: First the Robert Blake Memorial Award designed to help defray the cost of college textbooks; and a new Guilford ABC College Scholarship award, administered by the Guilford Foundation, which will provide a small four-year tuition contribution.

President Charlene Blake ended the evening by praising our scholars and emphasizing the importance of the ABC board and the many volunteers who make this program possible.