Ongoing Home Maintenance


Built around 1900, the Guilford ABC house always needs attention. This has been a busy year for the House and Grounds committee, headed by Linda Sanacora. Large and small projects to our old house have included:

  • Meeting with the Guilford Fire Marshall to review drill procedures and to address safety issues; installing exit signs and emergency lighting; and replacing fire extinguishers

  • Adding outlets to all the scholars’ bedrooms

  • Repairing screens

  • Purchasing and installing a new furnace after flooding in the basement

  • Upgrading sump pump switch

  • Replacing one washer and dryer (heavy usage with six teenage girls!)

  • Upgrading landscaping, including drainage work on one side of the house

  • Changing electric supplier to save money

  • Coordinating with Student Life to help provide a smooth transition for students moving in and out at the beginning and end of the school year

And this summer, while the scholars are gone, our To Do list includes: installing more lights in upstairs hall, adding some attic insulation, and summer maintenance: tuning up bikes, cleaning the van, cleaning furniture, deep cleaning the house, painting, re-grouting showers.