Guilford ABC owns its two-story house on Church Street. Like any old house, ours requires lots of attention. We are continually grateful to our community supporters and to our donors, both of whom help us keep the house running smoothly. Recent maintenance and improvements to the Guilford ABC house include: 


  • We were very fortunate to have Gisella Weissbach-Licht, a UCONN certified Master Gardener, volunteer her services to design new garden spaces. Gisella and her husband Jakob worked tirelessly during their summer 2014 weekends to clear out invasive plants, trim trees and plants, and ready the spaces for mulch. Project angel David Christensen, of Christensen Landscape Services, removed the enormous pile of debris that resulted from the cleanup.
  • Also in the summer of 2014 the entire house was power-washed and the trim painted. Daryl Fraser of D. W. Fraser Co. and his crew went beyond our expectations for cleaning up the exterior and highlighting the trim and details.
  • In 2015, our patio was enhanced and patio furniture donated. Many warm-weather evenings found the scholars and staff enjoying this enhanced outdoor space.
  • In 2016-17 the house received a thorough cleaning of the attic, basement and garage with the help of our House and Grounds Committee.
  • We also invested in new patio furniture that is used by the scholars and staff for outside barbecue, dinners on warm nights and as seating area to enjoy the yard.


  • In July 2014, Gary Durato and his crew painted and repaired the resident director’s apartment in record time for the arrival of our new RD, Lisa Brady on July 1.
  • Thanks to discounts from Andrew Page at Page's Hardware, we were able to install air conditioners in the living room and tutor’s room.
  • After recent severe storms, the Board determined that areliable source of backup power was mandatory.  A new gas generator was purchased in 2014 to ensure the safety and comfort of the scholars and staff.
  • During a long overdue attic cleanup, Richard Morrow provided a large dumpster which we filled to overflowing. Richard and his wife Joan, of American Carting, have provided weekly garbage removal gratis for years.
  • In the 2014-15 school year the kitchen was enhanced with a new stove and a much-needed new refrigerator.
  • In 2016-17 the house received some special care with the installation of new ceiling fan in the kitchen along with repairs in the Resident Director’s bathroom.
  • In the same year we purchased some new seating and area rug for the computer room.
  • Our new cook, Jean Mele, managed to delight the appetites of eight different residents while still making great strides toward providing much more healthy and balanced meals for all.
  • A wonderful artist, Patricia O'Rourke, made a lovely watercolor drawing of the Guilford ABC house which now hangs in the dining room. Framed copies of this picture were given as gifts to returning alumnae for our 40th anniversary celebration in October 2014.