As a working volunteer board, we welcome volunteers in many, varied capacities from driving to doctors’ appointments to leading a cultural excursion or taking the girls to a sporting event. In addition, our board members are all part of the ABC community participating on committees that enhance academic, social, legal and scholar support. Please let us know if you can help in any of these areas.


President: Marie Berry

Vice-President: Judy Wright

Treasurer: Sue Renner

Secretary: Nancy Abramson


Board Members:

Nancy Abramson
Laura Berkowitz Gilbert
Charlene Blake
Julia Chaffe
Georgia Cosgrove
Melissa Dayton
Regina Demitrack
Connie Dickinson
Larry Dowler
Cathy Genera
Mary Lane
Kathy MacElhiney
Tobie Meisel
Elisa Milano
Laura Noonan
Cathy O’Keefe
Lori Pleasure
Lisa Rogers
Linda Sanacora
Winnie Seibert
Ann Street
Lisa Swift
Susan Welsh
Corinne Wilson
Jeff Zeitlin

Advisory Board:

Cindy Banks
Sarah Blanton
Claudia Buzzi
Helen Carlson
Peter Dickinson
Lou Federici
Gwen Gunn
Cheryl Barbour
Jennifer Wilcox
Marie Landry
Kaaren Janssen
Renee A. McIntyre
Pamela Petersen-Crair
Carol Wright
Marcia Myhre
Mark Mackowiak